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  • Antenatal Care and Education
  • Breastfeeding Education & Support
  • Home Visits
  • Postnatal Care - Up To 6 weeks
  • Parenting Education & Support
  • Collaborative antenatal share-care with Dr Jackson for private insured patients intending to delivery at the Cairns Private Hospital


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Private Midwifery Share-Care

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Narelle is a highly qualified and well regarded midwife for many years in Cairns.

Since 2015, Narelle has provided private share care with Dr Jackson. During pregnancy, Narelle provides assessment of maternal and fetal wellbeing, education and support in pregnancy and helps coordinate care between the Cairns Private Hospital and Dr Jackson. 

In addition to her nursing and midwifery qualifications, as of late 2017, Narelle is now an endorsed midwife. This means she is able to offer a private collaborative share arrangement with Dr Jackson for care during pregnancy and patients are eligible for medicare rebates with each appointment. This offers an affordable private care to women seeking to delivery at the Cairns Private Hospital. 

When not providing private antenatal care, Narelle works at the Cairns Hospital as a specialised pain nurse and as a midwife.  

“Pregnancy is a special time for a woman. Providing individualised care in a collaborative agreement offers women the best of both midwifery and obstetric care in pregnancy."