From lumps to bumps, itches to scratches, fears to smears…If you would like a gynaecology check by Dr Emma, Dr Jackson’s supervised training gynaecologist, please call the clinic to request a Chick Check appointment.

Appointment: $100 new, $50 follow-up (no referral required, medicare rebates not available).** For a specialist gynaecologist review with Dr Jackson, a GP referral is required (different fees with medicare rebates available).


>> Pessary Review Clinic

For the conservative management of pelvic floor prolapse, pessary is an option available that avoids surgery and postoperative recovery.

Women who have been already fitted for a pessary are eligible for this clinic. For easy access, this clinic involves seeing our senior gynaecology nurse Jodi.


>> Home midwifery antenatal and postnatal reviews

Our obstetric patients may be eligible for home antenatal visits with our clinic midwife Narelle. Eligibility criteria is based on medical history and antenatal progress after assessment with Dr Jackson.

All postnatal women are eligible for a home visit, which also includes a dedicated lactation consultation with Narelle. These home visits are limited in number, so please try to book in advance. 

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>> Colposcopy clinics

We know that an abnormal Pap smear is a stressful experience. For expedited review, we offer daily colposcopy appointments for the management of abnormal Pap smears. Our capped clinic fees, mean that both insured and non-insured patients can also have access for clinic review and be assessed and triaged for management. If requiring surgical treatment,  patients may elect to have their care privately or a referral to the Cairns Hospital can be arranged. 


>> Registrar Clinic

With our newest team member, Dr Emma Green, Dr Jackson is excited to announce our registrar clinic. This is a clinic dedicated to affordable access for private gynaecology clinic.

Conditions that can be seen in the registrar clinic include: postmenopausal bleeding, lichen sclerosis or other vulval disorders and the surveillance of gynaecology cancers after treatment. Dr Green has been undertaking specialist training in obstetrics and gynaecology and is working as part of the team under Dr Jackson's supervision. After an initial review with Dr Green, Dr Jackson will review all patients and arrange further treatment and management as needed.